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EGT 336, 338: Room temperature sensor 

How energy efficiency is improved 
Exact room temperature measurement for energy-efficient control of HVAC systems and energy consumption monitoring. 
Areas of application 
For room temperature measurement and setpoint adjustment for heating and air-conditioning systems in dry rooms. 
• Measurement of room temperature 
• Room control panel with many functional, design and colour variants 
• Device insert with transparent front, fits into frame with 55 x 55 mm aperture 
• Frames must be ordered as accessories Technical description 
• Nickel thin-film sensor in accordance with DIN IEC 43760 
• Cable entry at rear, plug-in connection terminals for 0.12...0.5 mm² wire (0.4...0.8 mm ø)


SKU: EGT336F101
21,00 €Τιμή
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